The Legacy Conversation: Helping a Congregation Die with Dignity

by Gil Rendle
The numbers are simply against a good portion of our small North American congregations. North American Protestantism has always been a small-church experience. While most of the… read more

Statistics in Worship?

by Alex Joyner
Enough statistics ABOUT worship; how about statistics IN worship? Sound crazy? Maybe. But maybe not. At a recent chaotic and unfocused council meeting, my associate pastor Peter… read more

The Warmth of a Note

by J. Clif Christopher
The other day my secretary came in with the mail. In the stack was a hand addressed envelope with my name on it and in the return corner it showed that it was sent by a former… read more

Debt Debacle

by J. Clif Christopher
Yesterday, one of the really solid pastors that I am fortunate enough to work with called me. The conversation went something like this, “Clif, we just got updated numbers… read more

Balancing the Budget

by J. Clif Christopher
When I started out in ministry nearly 35 years ago I wandered into my first church board meeting with wide eyes and my mouth firmly shut. I did not know much about running a… read more

Find Your Niche

by Martin Thielen
Before becoming a minister, I sold insurance for a major life insurance company. My first week on the job, my supervisor told me, “If you want to succeed in this business… read more
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