Preaching for the Contemporary Service - eBook

by Joseph M. Webb
Preaching for the Contemporary Service is a guide to releasing the energy and creativity of the contemporary worship service within the sermon. Is the traditional sermon still… read more

Marking Time - eBook

Subscription Only
by Barbara K. Lundblad
The preacher is too often caught between biblical and contemporary time. Residing first in one, then in the other, the preacher must somehow find a way to bring the two times --… read more

God in Pain - eBook

by Barbara Brown Taylor
Everyone understands human pain. But many Christians have difficulty comprehending God's pain, especially God's pain in the death of Christ. Is it atonement or child abuse? To… read more

Just In Time! Baptism Services, Sermons, and Prayers - eBook

Subscription Only
by Kenneth H. Carter, Jr.
Few services are more important in the life of the congregation than the service of baptism. Part of the Just in Time! series, Baptism Services, Sermons, and Prayers provides… read more

Be Filled - eBook

Subscription Only
by Arthur Lee McClanahan
Be Filled is a series of sermons about the Beatitudes. Offering an alternative to traditional biblical commentaries, this book contains many stories and illustrations that will… read more

Pray in this Way - eBook

by John Stroman
Pray in This Way: Line by line imaginative, literary and social-commentary sermons on the Our Father. Each chapter contains framed call-outs in lieu of subheads and as a means… read more
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