It's a Girl's Job After All!

by Judith E. Smith
When I was four years old, so my mother says, and we were visiting my grandparents, I announced one Sunday afternoon that we were going to have church and I was going to preach. I … read more

Do This (at least weekly) in Remembrance of Me

by Joseph W. Daniels Jr.
Like with most of us, the celebration of the Lord's Supper on first Sundays has always had great significance to my spiritual journey. Remembering the life, death, and… read more

The Second Bread: A Story of Sacramental Mystery

by James A. Campbell
The worst of times. People were eating their dogs. Children were fainting in school. Fuel for heating was gone. Makeshift stoves consumed wood torn from buildings. The Chukotka… read more

Leading the Congregation Toward a Vital Sunday School

by William B. Lawrence
For all of the evangelical fervor, social activism, and organizational genius that have marked Wesleyan Methodism, one of its distinguishing marks has been an emphasis upon… read more

Leadership in a Time of Change

by Jackson W. Carroll
Are You Resilient? Are You Agile? Are You Staying Connected? In research underway at Harvard, researchers are asking what makes it possible for persons to do good work, by… read more

The Poinsettia Perspective

by Rebecca W. Dolch
Perspective is everything. Our experiences are colored by our point of view. Take the Christmas poinsettias. If you look at the poinsettias from the perspective of being in the… read more
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