Proclamation and Theology

by William H. Willimon
This first volume in the Abingdon Press series Horizons in Theology addresses the major concerns and questions for preaching as it intersects with theology. William H. Willimon… read more

I Am the Lord Who Heals You

by G. Scott Morris, MD
This is a collection of  sermons which explores Christian understandings of healing, wholeness, and restoration. Among the contributors are Walter Brueggemann… read more

John Wesley on Christian Practice Volume 3

by Kenneth C. Kinghorn
This is the third volume of the Standard Sermons of John Wesley, transcribed into today’s English. These volumes accurately transcribe their eighteenth-century language into … read more

John Wesley on The Sermon on the Mount Volume 2

by Kenneth C. Kinghorn
Have you ever tried to read the original sermons? This volume contains the sermons Wesley preached on the Sermon on the Mount in language for today's readers. Other volumes can… read more

John Wesley on Christian Beliefs Volume 1

by Kenneth C. Kinghorn
How many times have you heard people say "everyone should read Wesley" or maybe you've thought about reading the Standard Sermons but couldn't get past the original language? This … read more

More Children's Sermons To Go

by Deborah Raney
More Children’s Sermons to Go: 52 Take-Home Lessons About God offers a year’s worth of children’s sermons that feature small, inexpensive gifts or trinkets that help… read more
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