The Sermon

by Dr. Eugene L. Lowry
An introductory-level textbook from one of the best-known preachers in the country, The Sermon: Dancing the Edge of Mystery offers preachers a well-shaped, imaginative, and… read more

Black Preaching

by Prof. Henry H. Mitchell
Henry H. Mitchell has completely revised and integrated his popular books The Recovery of Preaching and Black Preaching for seminarians and pastors--both Black and White--who are… read more

Imagining a Sermon

by Thomas H. Troeger
Troeger shares the secrets of capturing the imaginative spirit through exploration of the creative use of sight, sound, touch, and taste that leads to new visions for… read more

The Holy Spirit & Preaching

by James Forbes
Describes what it means to be anointed with the Spirit so that one can preach "to raise the dead." In The Holy Spirit and Preaching, James A. Forbes, Jr.--widely hailed as one of … read more

Story Journey

by Thomas E. Boomershine
Story Journey offers a series of biblical stories to be learned and explored in a variety of ways.  Each story is printed in episodes to facilitate memorization. … read more

Designing the Sermon

by James Earl Massey
Providing fundamental homiletical principles, this classic book gives readers all the tools they need to prepare a meaningful sermon. "Sermon design"--James Massey's contemporary, … read more
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