Sermon Series: Vital Lessons from the Early Church

by Gary G. Kindley
3 Week Series Week 1: When Death Is Yesterday’s News John 11:1-4, 14-44; John 20:19 Today’s sermon begins a three-part series addressing three vital lessons that… read more

Sermon Series: Prayer

by Dan Flanagan
4 Week Series Week 1: Divine Persona Luke 11:1-4 Psychiatrist Gerald May begins his book Addiction and Grace with a bold statement: “I am convinced that all human beings… read more

Sermon Series: The Story of Moses

by Brian K. Bauknight
6 Week Series Week 1: Auspicious Beginnings  Exodus 1:1-2, 10 The story of Moses’ birth takes place amid tragedy. A king arose in Egypt, a pharaoh, who was… read more

8 Weeks on Romans

by Matthew L. Kelley
Paul’s epistle to the Romans occupies much of the lectionary this summer (Year A, from the second Sunday after Pentecost through the thirteenth), so while I’ve focused … read more

Christmas is Not Your Birthday: Sermon Series

by Mike Slaughter
I stood before our congregation in the fall of 2004 and said, “I want you to have a slim Christmas this year . . . and whatever you spend on your family, bring an equal… read more

Recession-Era Stewardship: A Sermon Series

by Martin Thielen
Several months ago my clergy support group discussed stewardship.  We eventually got to the topic of stewardship sermons. When we did, a member of the group said, “When … read more
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