Jesus Challenges the Political System

by Matthew L. Kelley
A Sermon on Mark 12:13-17, part of a Lenten series entitled "Why They Killed Jesus." “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. And give unto God what is God’s.” … read more

Something Real

by Martin Thielen
Several years ago Hollywood produced a movie about the life of Johnny Cash called Walk the Line. The film includes a powerful scene every preacher should see. In this scene… read more

Make January Big

by Martin Thielen
Martin Thielen is pastor of Brentwood United Methodist Church, just south of Nashville, Tennessee. Martin’s most recent book is “What’s the Least I Can Believe… read more

The Cross (Why Jesus?, week 6)

by Mike Slaughter
We have been asking the question all during the Lenten season: What does Jesus reveal that is unique about God? For Jesus, it was his death that was the most revealing thing about … read more

The Way (Why Jesus?, week 5)

by Brian Brown
We all have an opinion on the way to God. When we say “the way,” what we are talking about is the way to a right relationship with God in this age and the way to a… read more

Forgiveness (Why Jesus?, week 4)

by Mike Slaughter
We’ve been asking the question all during the Lenten season…Why Jesus? What does Jesus reveal about God that is unique, that we would not discover through any other… read more
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