Job: A 6-Week Study

by Ben Reed
The book of Job explores one of the most enduring questions of humanity: Why do bad things happen? Lead your congregation in a church-wide study of this faithful--yet… read more

The Suffering Servant (Why Jesus?, week 3)

by Mike Slaughter
I got up early this morning. It was around four o’clock. I went to my study and had my time of prayer and meditation. One of the things I turned to on my computer was the… read more

The Company You Keep (Why Jesus?, week 2)

by Kevin Applegate
This week we’ll take a closer look at a man who chose to be with the very people we typically write off – shaky business partners and women of the night, the… read more

Who is this Man? (Why Jesus?, week 1)

by Mike Slaughter
Calling ourselves Christians doesn’t mean we know the Christ we claim to follow. It is easy to contrive our own version of Christianity when getting to know the real Jesus… read more

Prayer in the Hard Times (Matthew 26)

by Tracey Allred
I’ve heard it said that there is no such thing as a foxhole atheist, meaning that in one of life’s most difficult places, a military foxhole, for instance, even someone who… read more

Confession and Prayer (Psalm 51)

by Tracey Allred
It is said that confession is good for the soul. Although I know this is true, I’m not sure that my five-year-old son would agree. Confession is a challenge for him. For… read more
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