Sermon Series: The Radical Sayings of Jesus

by Jacob Williams
Preached at First United Methodist Church of Valparaiso, Ind., by Jacob Williams   This eight-part series takes a closer look at some of Jesus’ most startling… read more

The Gospel in Disney

by David Brian Smith and Meg Calvin
During the month of June each year, we celebrate "Children's Month" with a kid-themed, kid-friendly sermon series. This past year, our theme was "The Gospel in Disney." There were … read more

Submitting to Be More Vile, or How I Decided to Say Tacky Things from the Pulpit

by Brian Erickson
Preaching Controversial Series Of all John Wesley’s memorable lines, my favorite is from his April 2, 1739 journal entry, about having preached for the first time outside… read more

Home Improvement (Four-Part Sermon Series)

by Doug Stockton
Everybody knows their house needs regular maintenance to keep things in good repair. But we sometimes fail to recognize how much our homes need spiritual maintenance. “Home… read more

Jesus Loves the Little People

by Phillip Brandt
A Lectionary Sermon Series for Fall 2013 Series C, in the months of October and November, focuses the hearer’s attention upon the ministry of Christ recorded in Luke 17… read more

The Old Testament in the Lectionary: Finding Sermon Series Inspiration

by Sarah McGiverin
Following the scriptures suggested by the Revised Common Lectionary when planning worship has much to recommend it: many print and online publications offer worship planning helps … read more
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