Recession-Era Stewardship: A Sermon Series

by Martin Thielen
Several months ago my clergy support group discussed stewardship.  We eventually got to the topic of stewardship sermons. When we did, a member of the group said, “When … read more

Make January Big

by Martin Thielen
Martin Thielen is pastor of Brentwood United Methodist Church, just south of Nashville, Tennessee. Martin’s most recent book is “What’s the Least I Can Believe… read more

The Mother's Day Dilemma

by Martin Thielen
I have ambivalent feelings about celebrating Mother’s Day in worship services. On the one hand, it offers an opportunity to broach the important subject of the… read more

What's the Least I Can Believe and Still Be a Christian?

by Martin Thielen
When I first met Danny, he said, “Preacher, you need to know that I’m an atheist. I don’t believe the Bible. I don’t like organized religion. And I… read more

Review: The Stewardship Companion

by Matthew L. Kelley
David Mosser’s Stewardship Companion (Westminster John Knox) takes on a very ambitious task: to show how the theme of stewardship can be found in at least one of the texts… read more

What's the Point? A Sermon Illustration for the Great Commandment

by Martin Thielen
A wise rabbi once said, “God created human beings because God loves stories.” Jesus also loved stories, as illustrated by his many parables. Like God, people also love … read more
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