Naked Spirituality

A Life with God in 12 Simple Words

Naked Spirituality
Author Brian D. McLaren
Publication Date 9/2012
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9780061854026
Retail Price $17.99

Christianity is in crisis. Many sincere Christians feel their traditional Christian practices are in danger of becoming irrelevant, empty rituals. In his previous book "A New Kind of Christianity," Brian D. McLaren offered new biblical models for how we understand the central ideas of a faith that provides hope for restoring and reinvigorating the power of the gospels to transform us and our communities.

In "Naked Spirituality," McLaren takes his prophetic work a step further by confronting how the lack of a simple, doable, durable spirituality undermines the very transformation God is calling us to undergo. As a result, our religious structures become tools to maintain the status quo and not catalysts for personal and social change. McLaren presents a four-stage framework for understanding the spiritual life, and he unfolds spiritual practices appropriate to each stage. Each practice is rooted in a simple word: "here, thanks, O, sorry, help, please, when, no, why, behold, yes," and "silence." "Naked Spirituality" offers accessible, practical wisdom for living a truly spiritual life. Staying true to Jesus's core message while engaging faithfully with our postmodern world, McLaren presents a proven spiritual program for engaging in and sustaining a meaningful relationship with God.