Mission Trip Prep Kit Student Journal

A Student Journal for Capturing the Experience

Mission Trip Prep Kit Student Journal
Author Kevin W. Johnson
Publication Date 2/2003
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9780310240211
Retail Price $9.99
Discount Price $7.99 (20% discount)
Thousands of North American young people participate in short-term missions projects each year. While some churches have well-honed mission trips led by seasoned leaders, many teams are led by volunteers new not only to missions but to youth ministry. Unfortunately the high turnover among youth pastors and volunteers means that many missions groups may have inexperienced and less-than-enthusiastic leaders.

The Mission Trip Prep Kit is an easy-to-use resource for new or reluctant volunteers -- yet it is also rich in content and ideas to challenge seasoned professional youth workers who want to improve the quality of their group's preparation. The kit -- including 5 student books and a leader's guide -- is designed for both the individual church as well as student missions organizations. It offers several options for preparing either middle schoolers or high schoolers, and is appropriate as a complete training preparation for shorter projects (weekends to weeklong) or as the core of training for longer projects (several weeks to a whole summer).

Features of this flexible training course include:
-- Balances training for an outreach task with a discipleship experience
-- Addresses 4 key areas: attitudes, teamwork, servanthood, and Christ-centeredness
-- Offers practical advice on what to expect from veteran missions leaders