Sticky Faith, Youth Leader Edition

Practical Ideas to Nurture Long-Term Faith in Teenagers

Sticky Faith, Youth Leader Edition
Author Brad M. Griffin
Author Cheryl A. Crawford
Author Kara E. Powell
Publication Date 10/2011
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9780310889243
Retail Price $26.99
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Many of the statistics you read about teenagers and faith can be alarming. Recent studies show that 40-50 percent of kids who are connected to a youth group throughout their senior year will fail to stick with their faith in college. As youth workers are pouring their time and energy into the students in their ministries, they are often left wondering if they've done enough to equip their students to carry their faith into adulthood. Fuller Youth Institute has done extensive research in the area of youth ministry and teenage development.

In Sticky Faith, the team at FYI presents youth workers with both a theological/philosophical framework and practical programming ideas that develop long-term faith in teenagers. Each chapter presents a summary of FYI's quantitative and qualitative research, along with the implications of this research, including program ideas suggested and tested by youth ministries nationwide. This resource will give youth pastors what they need to help foster a faith that sticks with all the teenagers in their group long after they've left the youth room.