The Apostles’ Creed for Today

The Apostles’ Creed for Today
Author Justo L. González
Publication Date 1/2007
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9780664229337
Retail Price $17.00
Discount Price $12.99 (24% discount)

“What a joy to read an account of the Apostles’ Creed that is written with such elegance and understanding. Justo González serves as a wise guide through the thorny issues of the past that gave rise to the statements of the Creed. He shows clearly why the church struggled with these questions and how creedal affirmations are shaped by deep convictions that still have relevance. Readers will learn much from this book about how to confess Christian faith with integrity, both honoring the tradition and creatively appropriating it for a new time.”


—Sarah Heaner Lancaster, Professor of Theology, Methodist Theological School in Ohio


This latest volume in the popular For Today series, written by the highly respected theologian and author Justo González, explains the familiar Apostles’ Creed in easy, accessible language. González explores not only what the Creed meant in the early centuries but also its ongoing importance and relevance for Christian faith and practice today.


Justo L. González is a respected theological writer and scholar. Among his many works are the classic texts A History of Christian Thought and The Story of Christianity, as well as Essential Theological Terms and The Westminster Dictionary of Theologians (both published by Westminster John Knox Press).