365 Meditations for Grandmothers by Grandmothers

365 Meditations for Grandmothers by Grandmothers
Writer Ellen Groseclose
Writer Georgia B. Hill
Writer Helen C. Scott-Carter
Writer Martha Chamberlain
Writer Nell W. Mohney
Edited by Sally Sharpe
Writer Sylvia M. Berry
Publisher Dimensions for Living
Publication Date 9/2006
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9780687333530
Retail Price $18.99
Discount Price $12.79 (33% discount)
Grandmothering:Awesome Opportunity, Priceless Gift

Grandmothering is a holy assignment given by God, an awesome opportunity not only to care for and nurture young lives but also to leave a lasting legacy that will shape future generations. Grandmothering also is a priceless gift—one that can be fully appreciated only after years of preparation (otherwise known as motherhood).

Six Christian writers who recognize and cherish that gift have come together in this book to share personal stories, biblical guidance, and words of encouragement for the joys and challenges of being a grandmother. Whether you are a grandmother early or late in life; whether you have one or many grandchildren; whether you are with your grandchildren on a daily or an occasional basis—you will find that these devotions “ring true” because they are written by grandmothers who have experienced universal challenges, questions, needs, and joys.

You may begin using the book at any time of the year, making your way through the months until you’ve completed a year’s cycle. It is our hope that, in the process, you will come to have an even deeper appreciation for the awesome opportunity and priceless gift of grandmothering!

—adapted from the introduction

Each brief meditation begins with a passage of Scripture and ends with a prayer.