Treasures of the Transformed Life 40 Day Reading Book

Satisfying Your Soul's Thirst for More

Treasures of the Transformed Life 40 Day Reading Book
Author John Ed Mathison
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 8/2006
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9780687334452
Retail Price $20.99
Discount Price $14.29 (32% discount)
Not matter how good life is, most Christians thirst for something more. Although we are people of faith, many of us aren't satisfied. We long for lives that are more fulfilled, more rich, more meaningful, and more joyful. Without resorting to "have-tos," "shoulds," or "thou shalts," Treasures of the Transformed Live helps us identify our individual thirsts and shows us how to experience more than we could ask for or imagine. A great adventure unfolds when we discover the freedom, promise, and rewards that come with committing ourselves to a closer relationship with God through treasures of prayer, presence, gifts, and services. Refreshing, deep, and powerful, Treasures of the Transformed Life encourages us to dive into all God has for us and to live lives that are truly satisfying.

This book contains forty days of readings that help us realize that not matter where we are, we are all thirsty for more...the more that only a closer walk with God will satisfy. It can be read as stand alone resource, but is also a key part of the Transformed Giving Stewardship Program developed by John Ed Mathison.