Biblical Perspectives on Evangelism

Living in a Three-Storied Universe

Biblical Perspectives on Evangelism
Author Prof. Walter Brueggemann
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 7/1993
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9780687412334
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In this timely and provocative work, Walter Brueggemann applies his experience and skills in the area of biblical interpretation to the theme of evangelism. He argues for the importance of considering afresh how the Bible itself thinks and speaks about evangelism, how it enacts the dramatic claims of the "good news."

Brueggemann here describes evangelism as a drama in three scenes, concerning (1) God's victory over the forces of chaos and death, (2) the announcement of that victory, and (3) its appropriation by those who hear the announcement. This same dramatic sequence, as he shows, is many time re-enacted in the Bible; the times and circumstances of the re-enactment may differ, but the essential message, as well as the structure of its presentation, remains the same.