The Art of Reading Scripture

The Art of Reading Scripture
Editor-in-chief Ellen F. Davis
Author Richard B. Hays
Publication Date 10/2003
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9780802812698
Retail Price $38.99
Discount Price $27.99 (28% discount)
A needed lesson in how to read the Bible. In postmodern culture, the Bible has no definite place and the average person has trouble knowing what to make of it. Even many twenty-first-century Christians have difficult seeing the relevance of scripture. This superb volume is for everyone today who has lost the art of reading the Bible attentively and imaginatively. Written by a truly terrific group of scholars and teachers, this book restates with one clear voice the proper approach and goal of reading scripture. Chapters range from theological principles for understanding the Bible to studies of ways the Bible as been interpreted in the past to examples of good exegesis. The book also includes several model sermons on the subject. Above all, this engaging book shows that the Bible is neither a mere historical curiosity nor a therapeutic, self-help manual, but is first and foremost the story of God's gracious rescue of our lost and broken world.