Evangelical Versus Liturgical?

Defying a Dichotomy

Evangelical Versus Liturgical?
Author Melanie Ross
Publication Date 7/2014
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9780802869913
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Why is there such a deep divide between evangelical and liturgical churches, especially when it comes to worship? How did this unfortunate evangelical-liturgical dichotomy develop, and what can be done about it?In this book Melanie Ross presents a current description of evangelical worship, bringing together liturgical scholarship and theological scholarship on American evangelicalism. She draws on historical analysis, systematic theology, and the worship life of two vibrant congregations to argue that the common ground shared by evangelical and liturgical churches is much more important than the diff erences that divide them.As a longtime evangelical church member who is at the same time a teacher of liturgical studies, Ross is well qualified to address this subject, and she does so with passion and intelligence. Evangelical versus Liturgical? is an important addition to the scant literature explaining nondenominational worship practices to those from more historically established liturgical traditions.