Dare We Speak of Hope?

Searching for a Language of Life in Faith and Politics

Dare We Speak of Hope?
Author Allan Aubrey Boesak
Publication Date 2/2014
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9780802870810
Retail Price $21.50
Discount Price $18.99 (12% discount)
"Prophetic Christian reflection on faith and politics from a seasoned South African scholar"Since the spectacular rise of South Africa's Nelson Mandela and the remarkable election of Barack Obama as president of the United States, the phrase "hopeful politics" has dominated our public discourse. But what happens when that hope diappoints? Can it be salvaged? What is the relationship between faith, hope, and politics?In this book Allan Boesak meditates on what it really means to hope in light of present political realities and growing human pain. He argues that hope comes to life only in situations of vulnerability -- in struggles for justice, dignity, and the life of the Earth. "Dare We Speak of Hope?" is a critical, provocative, prophetic -- and, above all, hopeful -- book.