Honoring the Generations

Ministry & Theology for Asian North American Congregations

Honoring the Generations
Author Al Tizon
Author M. Sydney Park
Author Soong-Chan Rah
Publication Date 4/2012
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9780817017064
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Theological and practical resources for cross-cultural and cross-generational church ministry.

This grounded, richly theological volume brings together ethnically and generationally diverse leaders from pulpit and academy alike to explore ministry in the Asian North American Christian community. This community is increasingly challenged by a generational gap, not so much between age groups but between first-generation immigrants and the second- and third- generations. Ministry issues addressed include: pastoral formation, women in ministry, lay leadership, public life, global mission

Each chapter provides theological and practical resources for those "in the trenches" of cross-cultural and cross-generational church ministry.