Banned Questions About Jesus

Banned Questions About Jesus
Author Christian Piatt
Publication Date 7/2011
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9780827202696
Retail Price $19.99
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Real questions, real responses. Inside the Banned Questions series, you’ll find some of the most provocative, challenging, or otherwise taboo questions many of us have wondered about but few have actually asked. Answered by a team of respondents who offer their views, these questions can allow more open dialogue about what we do and don’t believe, and why. Questions include: What happened during Jesus’ “missing years”? The Bible says Jesus had siblings, does that mean there are people alive today who are from his family’s bloodline? If Adam and Eve were the first people, where did their kids’ spouses come from? How can a God both be all-loving and yet allow people to be thrown into hell?