Talking with God in Old Age (Enlarged Print)

Meditations and Psalms

Talking with God in Old Age (Enlarged Print)
Author Missy Buchanan
Publisher The Upper Room
Publication Date 3/2010
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9780835810166
Retail Price $10.99
Discount Price $8.49 (23% discount)
Aging often brings concerns about health, worries about finances, and frustrations about change. The so-called golden years can seem filled with loneliness and pain. How is a person of faith to cope with the challenges and find purpose for the rest of his or her life?

Missy Buchanan encourages older adults to maintain open dialogue with God. Through a series of personal poems and reflections, each coupled with a selection from Psalms, Buchanan presents heartfelt talks with God. She addresses topics such as the fear of falling, despair over feeling useless, and grief after the loss of a spouse. She also shares pleas for God to help her see the beauty of life and the world in the midst of these trials.

For professionals, friends, or family members seeking to understand an aging loved one, Talking with God in Old Age offers a glimpse into the thoughts and emotions of someone who speaks with candor and from experience. For seniors currently grappling with the aging process themselves, this book can serve as a daily devotional with a friend who is “in the same place.” Readers can join Missy Buchanan on the journey of faith as she shares with honesty both the heartaches and concerns of the elderly persons she has interacted with on a daily basis and the hope they reveal “in old age.”

There are many books about the tough problems of aging, but precious few about the spiritual gifts of aging. Missy Buchanan is a rare voice of insight and inspiration in this natural and yet anxiety-producing phase of life. And, make no mistake! Despite the overwhelming emphasis on youth in popular media, America is aging. In her newest book, Missy connects our need for faithful, fresh reflections on growing older with the timeless wisdom of Psalms. It's a powerful gift to all of us.
- David Crumm
Editor, ReadTheSpirit Magazine

Missy Buchanan is a skillful writer with the gifts of compassion and love for aging and older persons. Such empathy is clearly exhibited in Talking with God in Old Age. While the book gives voice to various storytellers, Missy Buchanan’s insights readily apply to anyone who is coping with aging and later life issues. Her wisdom and clarity are a gift for us all.
—Richard H. Gentzler Jr., DMin
Director, Center on Aging and Older Adult Ministries
General Board of Discipleship, The United Methodist Church

In Talking with God in Old Age, Missy Buchanan captures the very essence of the journey of frailty. Her honest and inspiring meditations reflect the pain and frustration people often experience as they age into frailty. Yet within each reflection is the glimmer of hope and an acknowledgement of profound courage and strength that remains in each person no matter their abilities or disabilities. The clear messages of faith, love, and grace through God’s abiding presence shine through like a beacon of hope and understanding, and the words of the Psalms offer comfort and compassion.
—Karla Woodward
Pastor of Silver Link Ministries
Director of the Center for Ministry with the Frail
United Methodist Church of the Resurrection
Leawood, Kansas