A Spirituality of Living

The Henri Nouwen Spirituality Series

A Spirituality of Living
Author Henri J. M. Nouwen
Author John Mogabgab
Publisher The Upper Room
Publication Date 1/2011
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9780835810883
Retail Price $9.99
Discount Price $7.79 (22% discount)
What’s the secret to living a spiritual life? So much is happening
in our world—we often get distracted and listen to voices other
than the voice of God.

“If we want to be disciples of Jesus, we have to live a disciplined
life,” Nouwen asserts. In the spiritual life, discipline requires
conscious effort to keep every area in life from being filled. It
means creating space in one’s life for God.

Nouwen identifies 3 essential disciplines for maintaining a life of
discipleship: solitude, community, and ministry.

In solitude, disciples learn to listen to God through prayer. They
come to realize they are beloved sons and daughters of God.
In community they learn to celebrate and practice vulnerability
and forgiveness. After they have experienced solitude and
community, disciples feel God’s call to minister to a hurting
world. God empowers them to do amazing things.

This encouraging, insightful book inspires Christians to practice
solitude, community, and ministry. The result, Nouwen promises,
is a fruitful, Spirit-filled life.