The Miracles of Jesus

Meditations and Prayers for Lent

The Miracles of Jesus
Author Wessel Bentley
Publisher The Upper Room
Publication Date 10/2012
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9780835811132
Retail Price $6.99
Lent has a way of zeroing in on the core issues of life, Wessel Bentley believes.  On Ash Wednesday, he reminds readers, "You are not what you eat.  You are not what you do.  You are not what you fear.  You are a human being, created in the image of God."  That connection with God is the focus of this lenten study of the miracles of Jesus.  Bentley emphasizes the way Jesus restores the people involved to their rightful state as human beings made in the image of God, and how those who encounter Jesus today can also be restored.

With a meditation and scripture for each day of Lent, readers are encouraged to look at what needs, challenges, hurts, or hopes they might share with the persons Jesus healed or transformed and how those needs might be transformed by an encounter with the living Christ.  Each meditation includes thoughtful reflection questions, a prayer, and a prayer focus that lifts up persons or situations that need the touch of Jesus.  At the end of each week, reflection questions apply the insights developed during the week and prepare readers for a sabbath time of renewal.