10 Life-Charged Words

Real Faith for Men

10 Life-Charged Words
Author Derek Maul
Publisher The Upper Room
Publication Date 8/2012
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9780835811163
Retail Price $7.99
Maul understands why many men find church a little...boring.  When the church opts for a comfortable status quo instead of a meaningful engagement with Christ, it often leaves men cold.  Maul reminds readers that Jesus came to bring an abundant life full of passion and purpose.

Maul looks at 10 key words that describe the abundant life-among them excellence, commitment, authenticity, and community-in his collection of meditations that speak clearly to men's concerns and experiences.  In an inviting, nonjudgemental manner, he presents practical concepts that can help men set priorities, sharpen their focus, and experience the zest of a life filled with meaning and value.  Each meditation is guided by scripture and includes reflection questions and prayer.

An ideal resource for a men's group study or for a time of personal reflection and discernment.