The Workbook on the Ten Commandments

The Workbook on the Ten Commandments
Author Kimberly Dunnam-Reisman
Author Maxie D. Dunnam
Publisher The Upper Room
Publication Date 1/2004
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9780835898751
Retail Price $16.99
Discount Price $12.99 (24% discount)

This eight week study for small groups challenges Christians to re-examine popular stances on the issues touched by the Ten commandments. Maxie Dunnam and Kimberly Dunnam Reisman offer reflections on the Ten COmmandments as these biblical laws intersect contemporary life. The father and daughter writing team helps readers recognize that the deep meaning that the Ten Commandments contain.

For example, they discuss the implications of the commandments that prohibits the making of idols and point out that we can make an idol of nearly anything, including security, money, houses, sex, cars, and clothing. Here the authors help readers see that such idol-making relates to our lack of trust in God. In writing about the sixth commandment [Thou shalt not kill] the authors point out that people tend to dismiss this commandment. Yet they remind us of the sacred nature of the life that God gives as they discuss wrongful killing, capital punishment, euthanasia, abortion, and war.

Throughout the book, the authors connect wisdom from throughout the Bible and Christian tradition with daily life. The book includes questions and exercises for daily reading and reflection plus space for recording responses to the readings. Like the many other Dunnam workbooks, The Workbook On The Ten Commandments, also includes guidance for weekly small group meetings. These group sessions include community-building exercises, time for singing a hymns and sharing insights and a time to pray together.