Simply Wait

Cultivating Stillness in the Season of Advent

Simply Wait
Author Pam Hawkins
Publisher The Upper Room
Publication Date 8/2007
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9780835899178
Retail Price $7.99
Discount Price $6.29 (21% discount)

A resource that demands calm, rest, stillness, and reflection during the Advent season.

How many times have you tried to reduce the stress and hurry of Christmas by making Advent a more spiritual time? And how often do you find that your efforts to be more spiritual only intensify your stress by becoming one more complicated thing on your already long list of things to do? What if this year you found a devotional practice that offered more rest, more quiet, more room in your heart for the Christ child to be born?

Simply Wait: Cultivating Stillness in the Season of Advent is a resource that individuals and small groups can use to help them focus, rest, and renew spiritually. For the four weeks of Advent, participants will focus on a single word and a single, simple prayer practice that does not require extensive preparation or previous experience. Readings for each week offer creative reflections rooted in scripture, and engaging questions that stimulate our anticipation for a meaningful Christmas season.

This year, instead of doing more, moving faster, trying harder to cram it all in, do less scurrying, and more reflecting; less worrying and more connecting, with the graceful and grace-filled wisdom of Simply Wait.

- Individuals and groups seeking an Advent study resource

- Source for weekly reflection service or meeting during Advent

- Academy participants and graduates

- Weavings readers

Clergy and church leaders who appreciate Sacred Journeys and similar resources