I Am a Follower

The Way, Truth, and Life of Following Jesus

I Am a Follower
Author Leonard Sweet
Publication Date 1/2012
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9780849946387
Retail Price $19.99
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These two words echo the heart-defining call of our Lord Jesus Christ to his disciples.
Sadly, this life-changing invitation has lost much of its original meaning. Immersed in a society that worships success, we have succumbed to a trendyfixation with leadership. In "I Am a Follower," author Leonard Sweet explains how Christians in a twenty-first-century corporate-obsessed culture have shifted away from a Jesus art of following toward a popularized form of leading.
Through a colorful melange of practical applications, imaginative metaphors, and probing biblical exposition based in gospel truth, Sweet reveals that the summons of Jesus and the message of the New Testament point clearly to an emphasis not on imitation but on incarnation, not on leading but on following.
Join Sweet on an exciting and intentional journey from leadership cult to followership culture. Discover for yourself the way, the truth, and the abundantlife of following Jesus Christ and what it truly means to "Follow Me"
"At times I felt like I was reading Jeremiah, challenging the shepherds of Israel. This is a much needed and long overdue book."--BOB ROBERTS, senior pastor, Northwood Church
"If there was ever a leader who could convince me that it's really never been about leading, that would have to be Len Sweet. May we all, like Len, become followers."--MARK BATTERSON, lead pastor, National Community Church