The Africana Worship Book Year A

The Africana Worship Book Year A
Associate Editor Safiyah Fosua
Edited by Valerie Bridgeman Davis
Publisher The Upper Room
Publication Date 6/2019
Binding Mixed Media
ISBN 9780881774900
Retail Price $27.00
Discount Price $24.49 (9% discount)
What is worship? For the Africana community, worship is the time or place where God “shows up and shows out,” affirming that an active God embodies human lives through companionship and communion. This type of worship allows God to enter into worshippers lives with an openness to respond with swaying of the body, tapping feet, weeping eyes, and heartfelt emotion. The Africana Worship Book responds to the call of uniting African American communities with worship in their cultural style and to continue speaking to the present and coming generations of African American descendants. This volume is a collection of liturgies for congregational prayers, calls to worship, choral readings, prayers of confession, giving, and creedal statements, written by sixteen African American contributors. It also offers designer and writers of worship events a set of questions to consult which offers profound, grace-filled, godly worship. The Africana Worship Book is the resource for helping African American church people navigate their concerns and love toward God through worship.