Let the Children Give

Time, Talents, Love, and Money

Let the Children Give
Author Delia Halverson
Publisher The Upper Room
Publication Date 10/2006
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9780881775013
Retail Price $9.00
Discount Price $8.49 (6% discount)

It is never too early to teach children responsibility over their God-given talents and resources. Let the Children Give is an essential resource for this task in two important ways. First, it is packed with creative, educational activities for children of all ages. Second, this book instructs adults on how to demonstrate stewardship in everyday, practical ways. Perfect for preparing Sunday school and Vacation Bible School lesson plans, Let the Children Give is a valuable resource for anyone desiring to make a difference in the lives of children.

ENDORSEMENT: Delia Halverson shares many unique ideas and activities for children to experience serving as a Christian steward. Incorporating the full spectrum of learning styles, she connects the theological rationale and the practical importance for children to be responsible stewards of God's resources. This book provides children's ministry teams with creative ways to involve even the youngest children in learning about the positive impact of Christian stewardship.

David S. Bell, Director

Center for Christian Stewardship of The United Methodist Church