A Year with John Wesley and our Methodist Values

Essays by Various Wesleyan Scholars

A Year with John Wesley and our Methodist Values
Author F. Douglas Powe Jr.
Author Henry H. Knight III
Introduction by Karen A. Greenwaldt
Author Michael J. Coyner
Author Randy L. Maddox
Author Sarah Heaner Lancaster
Publisher The Upper Room
Publication Date 3/2008
Binding Booklet-Brochure-Insert--Printed
ISBN 9780881775501
Retail Price $2.50

In addition to being a prolific preacher and teacher, John Wesley wrote and published many pamphlets for the edification of Christian disciples, which circuit riders distributed to the people. 21st century Christians also need such informative and formational pamphlets. A Year with John Wesley helps people begin to think about the practices of discipleship and the insights that are the Methodist way.

The pamphlet contains twelve mini-essays on theme’s in John Wesley’s thought and practice, such as Wesley’s call to personal and social holiness or Wesley on the means of grace. Each mini-essay is followed by a set of practical applications concerning the Wesleyan practice.