Not Just a One-Night Stand

Ministry with the Homeless

Not Just a One-Night Stand
Author John Flowers
Author Karen Vannoy
Publisher The Upper Room
Publication Date 3/2009
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9780881775570
Retail Price $14.00
Every church and each Christian disciple can find a variety of channels to use to minister to those who are homeless. Flowers and Vannoy help open the eyes of church communities so they can see these opportunities for ministry outside the walls of the church . The authors provide experiential anecdotes and reflect on ways in which congregations can minister with homeless persons. This book is a word from one companion to another rather than a guilt-inducing text on social action. Using a consversational style, Flowers and Vannoy offer insights from their current ministry in Phoenix and their previous ministry at Travis Park UMC in San Antonio, Texas.