Retire to Play and Purpose

How to Have an Amazing Time Going Forward

Retire to Play and Purpose
Author Ed Zinkiewicz
Publication Date 8/2013
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9780988662223
Retail Price $14.95
Your retirement adventure starts in these pages! Where will your retirement adventure take you? Now what? How will you fill the hours? How will you deal with the losses you will experience? How do you find a sense of purpose and significance? Ed Zinkiewicz takes an honest look at things they don't tell you at the retirement party. He goes on to help you examine: What to expect-and what to avoid-as you enter into retirement How to think about retirement before the big day arrives Where (and how) to find meaningful "work" to replace the workplace How to manage the different stages of retirement Ways to build joy and fulfillment-play and purpose-into your life after work You retire from work, but not from life. Your new life can become energizing, positive, healthful and joyful-a great place to retire to!