Makin' Room in the Inn

Christmas Hospitality Through an African American Experience

Makin' Room in the Inn
Author Henry L. Masters Sr.
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 9/2010
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9781426703713
Retail Price $9.99

Makin' Room in the Inn is a four-lesson Advent study that celebrates Christmas traditions and practice through the perspective of an African American family. 

Session titles, scriptures
1. Makin' Room (Luke 2:4-7) cultivating and living out hospitality in a diverse world
2. Makin' Do (Luke 2:21-24) trusting God as compared to trusting in wealth
3. Makin' Up (Matthew 2:19-21) learning the importance of forgiveness and reconnection
4. Makin' Time (Luke 2:15-19) understanding that the most precious gift is presence

This Advent study celebrates the Christmas traditions and spirituality of black people in America, showing how African ethics and theology have a continuing influence.  The study, however, relates to any group who has experienced rural to urban displacement, homecoming, and who strive to practice extended hospitality, especially during the Christmas season. 

This book includes a leader guide with:
1.  An author’s introduction that sets the targeted issue in context.
2.  Questions for the group that help stimulate discussion and their memories of family traditions and experiences of Christmas seasons.
3.  A bibliography of helpful books on African American History, family and Christmas traditions.
4.  More biblical and historical background information on African American Christmas celebrations, nativity art, etc.
5.  Suggested format and time segments for group discussions.
6.  Helpful teaching and learning techniques.