Design Matters - eBook

Creating Powerful Imagery for Worship

Design Matters - eBook
Author Jason Moore
Author Len Wilson
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 9/2010
Binding E-Book
ISBN 9781426722400
Retail Price $29.99
Discount Price $19.99 (33% discount)
Many churches use visual technology in worship. Yet simply adding a screen and projector in a sanctuary doesn't automatically translate into growth and revitalization. This book helps worship-screen producers learn to "speak" a visual language. These time-tested design principles provide a basic framework for developing a visual literacy. The accompanying DVD includes graphic tutorials for creating art in Adobe Photoshop/Elements, time-saving techniques for achieving special effects, and helpful websites. To view a sample of the DVD, click here.To view the Midnight Oil seminar schedule, click here.