Three Simple Rules for Christian Living - eBook

A Six-Week Study for Adults

Three Simple Rules for Christian Living - eBook
Author Bishop Rueben P. Job
Author / Compiler (Internal) Bishop Rueben P. Job
Author Jeanne Torrence Finley
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 10/2010
Binding E-Book
ISBN 9781426730764
Retail Price $8.99
Discount Price $5.99 (33% discount)
Three Simple Rules for Christian Living
by Jeanne Torrence Finley and Rueben P. Job

This small-group study by Jeanne Torrence Finley is based on Rueben P. Job's book Three Simple Rules: A Wesleyan Way of Living. Six sessions provide extended reflection for adults on three principles of Christian life: do no harm, do good, and stay in love with God. Each rule has a session to help you understand the rule and a session to help you explore ways to practice the rule. Three Simple Rules for Christian Living includes a DVD that contains excerpts from an interview with Bishop Rueben Job and a CD ROM that contains a Leader Guide for the study sessions and other useful information for organizing, leading, and publicizing study groups.

Your church can do a church-wide study of the three simple rules by using the youth resource, Three Simple Rules 24/7, and the children’s resource, Three Simple Rules for Following Jesus, along with this book. A leader guide and DVD for adult study groups are available.

Parents who would like to discuss the three simple rules with their children can download a free list of suggested questions at (click below).
Jeanne Torrence Finley is a clergy member of the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church, co-chair of the Virginia Conference Board of Church and Society, and director of Collegial Communications. She has worked as a campus minister, pastor, college English teacher, workshop leader, and communications consultant. Finley writes regularly for FaithLink. Her work has appeared in the Journal of Presbyterian History, Worship, The Mennonite, Christian Science Monitor, the Virginia Advocate, and Christian Social Action.

For a free online copy of Three Simple Rules A Conversation Guide for Parents click here!