Seeing Jesus - eBook

Glimpses of God in My Life

Seeing Jesus - eBook
Author Kim V. Engelmann
Publisher Dimensions for Living
Publication Date 10/2010
Binding E-Book
ISBN 9781426733949

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Seeing Jesus contains a series of short reflections that help the reader see God at work in our daily lives. Though Jesus is an ever-present reality in our lives, we often fail to recognize his presence in the midst of life’s storms and difficulties. Through metaphor and story (both biblical and personal anecdotes), Engelmann reminds us that we are surrounded by, sustained by, and empowered by a God who is intimately present in and through all of life’s experiences. Learning to “see Jesus,” to recognize Jesus’ presence in our lives, is a lifelong process.


Seeing Jesus by Expanding Your Context

Seeing Jesus in Letting Go of What We Cling To

Seeing Jesus in the Unexpected

Seeing Jesus When He Seems Far Away

Seeing Jesus in the Storms

Seeing Jesus in the Acorns and Mustard Seeds

Seeing Jesus in When You Are Out on a Limb

Seeing Jesus In the Master Fiddler

Seeing Jesus in Suffering

"The miracles of God are all around us but can we see them? People to help, opportunities to serve, and lessons to learn are all around us, but do we see them? The redemptive activities of Jesus Christ are happening all around us, but do we notice? Do we take them in? Can we really see them with our eyes, our minds, our hearts? Dr. Engelmann encourages us to 'open our eyes' and see the presence of Jesus."

—from the Foreword by James W. Moore