Yes, Lord, I Have Sinned - 20th Anniversary Edition

But I Have Several Excellent Excuses

Yes, Lord, I Have Sinned - 20th Anniversary Edition
Author Rev. James W. Moore
Publisher Dimensions for Living
Publication Date 3/2012
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9781426740978
Retail Price $16.99
Discount Price $11.49 (32% discount)
Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of this beloved, never out of print, James Moore book with this special edition that includes a new introduction by the author.

Why do we try to justify anything and everything we want to do? We use words, scapegoats, blaming other people, circumstances, past events, even evil spirits (“the devil made me do it!”) to attempt to excuse bad choices we make with our own free will.

Moore challenges readers to recognize such situations and to grow beyond them. He addresses such “sin” as half-heartedness, spiritual arrogance, deception, overreaction, hostility, presumptuousness, losing spiritual balance, and more.

He reminds us what our faith tells us about excuses, which is God . . .
sees through.
is more interested in forgiving us than in hearing our excuses.
wants penitence – not excuses – from us.

In his warm, embracing style, James Moore encourages us to seek forgiveness. After all, we are justified by the grace of a loving, caring, forgiving, God and not our eloquent excuses.

Perfect as a 12 session small group study using the Leader Guide in back.