I Hear Voices, and That's a Good Thing!

I Hear Voices, and That's a Good Thing!
Compiled by Cynthia Sarver
Author Rev. James W. Moore
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 10/2011
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9781426742163
Retail Price $16.99
Discount Price $15.29 (10% discount)
Everyone isĀ guided by the voices of people in our lives--grandparents, parents, teachers, pastors, friends. Their words are woven into our life's fabric and influence how we live and the choices we make.

As Christians, we are blessed also to hear the amazing voices of those who lived centuries ago--the voices found in Scripture. Author James W. Moore says, "When faced with choices and decisions, when trying to sort outĀ priorities, when my heart is sad or glad, when challenges and problems thrust themselves into my life, when I need a word of assurance, or when faced with a new opportunity, I hear the voice of Jesus, I hear the voice of Mary, I hear the voices of Abraham and Micah and Esther and the apostle Paul and many other biblical voices whispering (or shouting!) to me powerful words that shape and direct my life."

I Hear Voices...and That's a Good Thing! celebrates the voices of the Bible who continue, every day, to strengthen and encourage us when we not only hear but listen to them.