The Teaming Church

Ministry in the Age of Collaboration

The Teaming Church
Author Robert C. Crosby
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 10/2012
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9781426751011
Retail Price $18.99
Discount Price $14.99 (21% discount)
The Teaming Church is so good, I had a poster made out of its key ideas and am using that with our team and keeping it in my office. You cannot have a great church without a great team at the core.
--John Ortberg, Best-selling Author & Pastor

Create a successful team culture.

Great teams live and serve in light of the Divine Team—the Trinity, and to be truly effective they need: a deeply challenging goal, a creatively empowering leader, and a willingness to collaborate and honor the Bible.
Author Robert C. Crosby provides innovative ways in which biblical teams reflect the workings and nature of "the image of God." Revealing what he calls "The Four C's of Great Teams" - The Character, The Carrot, The Coach, and The Context - Crosby shows how successful teams reach their goals more effectively. Conversely, he also addresses the "Four Fatal Teaming Errors" and how to avoid unnecessary, time-consuming missteps.

This book provides biblical motivations, vivid examples, and practical approaches for creating a teaming culture in any faith community. Crosby, a leader who has built teams as a senior pastor, youth leader, and university administrator, is now training and mentoring a new generation of pastors and leaders.

"Teamwork is essential for effective ministry. Robert Crosby's book, The Teaming Church, explores the essential elements of a team and gives a biblical perspective on how to surround yourself with the right people."
--Craig Groeschel, senior pastor of; author of "Soul Detox: Clean Living in a Contaminated World"

"Relational networking and collaboration is the way forward for Christ's Kingdom in the 21st century! Teamwork has always been God's way as he declared, "Let US make humans in our own image" and demonstrated in Jesus' formation of the ultimate team--His Church. The timing of Bob Crosby's work in this volume could not be better. You will be inspired and motivated to participate in ministry teams who will conquer contemporary challenges for Christ. Together we can win."--Billy Wilson, Executive Director, International Center for Spiritual Renewal

"'The Teaming Church' captures the most transformative leadership model in history, the ministry of Jesus Christ. Robert Crosby frames the optics of collaboration and kingdom partnerships that vertically honor God while horizontally empowering others.This book affirms strategic and prophetic cooperation for a generation that stands skeptical of individual platforms while embracing the idea of community."
--Samuel Rodriguez, President, NHCLC, Hispanic Evangelical Association