Organix - eBook

Signs of Leadership in a Changing Church

Organix - eBook
Author Bob Whitesel
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 11/2011
Binding E-Book
ISBN 9781426753930

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Does your leadershipstyle fit new ways of doing church--leadership that is organic and elasticand that finds ways to seize God-given opportunities? Looking back anddrawing on the ancient Christian tradition, Bob Whitesel describes seven traitsfor successful leadership, which he characterizes by seven symbols:

O   (the Greek symbol theta) – the firstletter of the Greek word theosstresses that God is the source of the burden for others and provides the powerto help them.

Rx (the medical prescription symbol) – an emphasis on addressing the spiritual and physical health of leaders.

G  (a stylized “G” for “graffiti”)– the edgy, colorful, and artful collages that help define contemporaryorganizations.

A  (inspired by the recyclesymbol) – the idea of recycling places, experiences and people rather thandiscarding them.

N  - emerging networks thatc9onnect people more quickly, efficiently, precisely and continuously.

I  - an emphasis on “incarnation”,a going “in the flesh” to serve others rather than sending surrogates.

X  (the Jerusalem crosswith a number in each quadrant) – four types of measurement observed inJerusalem (Acts 2:42-47), which at their core point to Christ’s work on thecross.



Taken together, these symbols spell out the word “organix” and represent a fundamentally new way to think about your church and how you can best lead.