The Works of John Wesley, Volume 13

Doctrinal and Controversial Treatises II

The Works of John Wesley, Volume 13
Edited by Paul W. Chilcote
Edited by Prof. Kenneth J. Collins
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 9/2013
Binding Book - Hardback
ISBN 9781426766978
Retail Price $77.99
Discount Price $52.29 (33% discount)
The second of three volumes devoted to Wesley’s theological writings contains two major sets of material. The first set (edited by Paul Chilcote) contains writings throughout Wesley’s ministry devoted to defense of the doctrine of Christian perfection, including "A Plain Account of Christian Perfection." The second set (edited by Kenneth Collins) collects Wesley’s various treatises focused on predestination and related issues, often in direct debate with Calvinist writers, including "Predestination Calmly Considered."

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