The Wesleyan Way DVD

A Faith That Matters

The Wesleyan Way DVD
Author Bishop Scott J. Jones
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 9/2013
Binding Video - DVD
ISBN 9781426767586
Retail Price $39.99
In this exciting and inspiring new study, Scott J. Jones helps seekers and believers to envision and practice discipleship as a way of life. Presenting Christianity from a Wesleyan perspective, Jones invites participants into a deeper, more thoughtful, more active commitment to Christ.

The DVD consists of 8 videos, one per session. Each video is 8-10 minutes in length and is made of of three parts:1) Introduction by Scott J. Jones Guest 2) Presenters specializing in the topic 3) Testimony or report about a changed life or church community. All video sessions are closed captioned.

Each week a different presenter shares their personal faith experience. Presenters include Adam Hamilton, Olu Brown, Felicia Hopkins, Jessica Moffat Seay, Jorge Acevedo, Rob Fuquay and author Scott Jones. Mini-videos conclude each week with an interview or ministry story from the presenter’s home church.

Session Titles

Following Christ Is a Way of Life (9:26)
Love Ultimately Wins (9:37)
It's a Good World with Issues (9:27)
Turn Your Life Around with Grace (9:39)
You Are Not Alone (9:56)
Transform Yourself and the World (9:46)
Invite Others on the Journey (9:10)
Christ No Matter What (10:12)

Bonus Clips - Faith Stories