Loving Large Daily Readings

Loving Large Daily Readings
Author Jacob Armstrong
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 10/2013
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9781426773785
Retail Price $8.99
Loving Large is a four week series that seeks to move people to action in their Christian faith. In a world that seems to run on money, greed, oil, power, etc., what would our world look like if it ran on the love of God? How can we infuse this world-changing love into our community and world? The series gives real opportunities for people to serve God and love their neighbor. It could possibly culminate with a church-wide day of service to the community.

Each week, seven daily devotions with prayer, Scripture, and reflection invite you to let love change you. The four weekly topics are:

The Distracted Life
Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher
Loving Is Giving

Can We Really Change the World?

Jacob is one of the top young leaders in the U.S. Church. Amazing what the Spirit of God is doing through Jacob's work! Mike Slaughter, Ginghamsburg Church and author of Christmas is Not Your Birthday, shiny gods, and Change the World.