The Sermons of John Wesley - eBook

A Collection for the Christian Journey

The Sermons of John Wesley - eBook
Edited by Dr. Jason E. Vickers
Edited by Prof. Kenneth J. Collins
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 8/2013
Binding E-Book
ISBN 9781426774966
Retail Price $57.99
Discount Price $38.99 (33% discount)
With an eye on serious Christian development, Kenneth Collins and Jason Vickers have arranged this collection of the sermons of John Wesley in terms of the way of salvation in general and the "ordo salutis" in particular. This book contains the sermons that John Wesley approved, in addition to the standard 52 of the North American tradition, organized to correspond to the logic of Christian discipleship and formation. The editors include an outline and short introduction to each sermon detailing its importance and context. Sermons include "Sermon on the Mount," which is key to understanding Wesley’s ethics, "Free Grace," "On Working Out Our Own Salvation," and "The Danger of Riches." The book is designed to enhance the reader’s understanding of Wesleyan practical theology and written in an accessible style that will be appealing to the wider Wesleyan family of churches. Also included are all of the 44 standard sermons of the British tradition.