A Sermon Workbook - eBook

Exercises in the Art and Craft of Preaching

A Sermon Workbook - eBook
Author Leonora Tubbs Tisdale
Author Thomas H. Troeger
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 10/2013
Binding E-Book
ISBN 9781426774997
Retail Price $27.99
Discount Price $18.79 (33% discount)
Both experienced and novice preachers need a new approach for sermon development skill-building. A Sermon Workbook offers a unique and flexible resource that is instantly accessible and useful for anyone tasked with the proclamation of the Word.
The workbook format can be used in a linear fashion, beginning to end. Or readers can pick and choose the chapters to tailor-fit their own needs. In either case, readers build skill upon skill, working through inventive and engaging exercises first developed and taught at Yale Divinity School.
The book addresses the skills and arts that are essential for effective preaching in our multi-tasking, multi-ethnic, sound-bite society. It offers theological clarity about why we preach, and what matters most.
The creative, collaborative, and charming authors present the principles as they do in their classroom: in two voices—one male and one female--with the two complementing and supporting one another.