Treasure - Program Guide Flash Drive

A Stewardship Program on Faith and Money

Treasure - Program Guide Flash Drive
Author Jacob Armstrong
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 5/2014
Binding USB Flash Drive
ISBN 9781426782114
Retail Price $34.99
Discount Price $32.99 (6% discount)
Whether you are in plenty or in want, money has a direct connection to your values, your faith, and the health of your relationships. It’s no wonder that in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus presented a radical message about our “treasure” and our hearts.

In this 4-week stewardship program, sermon series, and small group study, Jacob Armstrong uses the Sermon on the Mount to reexamine what our treasure is. How do we spend our time, energy, and money? If our hearts follow our treasure, as Jesus taught, then we'd better make sure they are aligned.

Sessions include:
Week 1: Where Is Your Treasure? Matthew 6:19-23
Week 2: The Problem with Two Masters Matthew 6:24
Week 3: How to Give Matthew 6:1-6
Week 4: Don’t Worry ‘Bout a Thing Matthew 6:25-35

The Program Guide Flash Drive includes sermon outlines, worship videos, schedules, letters, pledge cards, graphics to promote the program, and a leader guide. Supporting and augmenting the program is a 4-week small group study that includes a DVD, the leader guide, and a devotional/participant book that can be used by individuals or as part of the small group study.