Christians and Muslims

From History to Healing

Christians and Muslims
Author Kenneth B. Cragg
Publication Date 4/2011
Binding Book - Hardback
ISBN 9781450285209
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On the Sunday following September 11, 2001, Reverend Kenneth Cragg worshipped as usual in his sanctuary, located directly across the street from a Muslim mosque. In a miraculous act of good faith, the Islamic congregation invited the Christian congregation to join them in an introduction to Islam. This introduction inspired Cragg to devote himself to study, in search of the true tenants of Islam. Was Islam really about what the terrorists were saying, or were their beliefs skewed by human agenda? Cragg would soon realize that yes, the terrorists were in error-and that the majority of America believed them. In the hopes of finding a common ground between Christians and Muslims, Cragg introduces "Christians and Muslims: From History to Healing. " In this study, Cragg carefully traces the history of Islam and clarifies the differences between true believers and radical terrorists. His intention is encouragement, for followers of Islam and Christianity alike, to wage war on terror by building strong, shared communities as partners in a peaceful world. Islam is not the enemy; terrorists are the enemy-and their differences are often overlooked. It's time to see Islam for what it is: one of the world's great religions, instead of a front for terrorism.