Right Here Right Now

The Practice of Christian Mindfulness

Right Here Right Now
Author Amy G. Oden
Foreword by Marjorie J. Thompson
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 8/2017
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9781501832499
Retail Price $15.99
Discount Price $11.49 (28% discount)

Christians have always practiced mindfulness. Yet, from the popular landscape of mindfulness movement, you’d never know that. Where is the Christian voice in this fast-growing movement? Many Christians practice mindfulness outside of church and believe it does not belong to our faith tradition. This book reveals the Christian roots of mindfulness and the actual practices that, when reclaimed, deepen the life of faith and the power of our mission of love in the world.  When we understand how radical it is to live in God’s presence right here, right now, our lives are transformed toward mercy, justice and abundant life.

Amy Oden shows how the practice of Christian mindfulness begins with the teachings of Jesus and continues throughout Christian history. It also includes step-by-step instructions for the practice of Christian mindfulness today. Pastors and leaders will find this book useful on the ground as they curate current culture and guide Christians in spiritual practices.

" ... this is the best introduction to Christian mindfulness I have read." —Shaun Lambert, Senior Minister of Stanmore Baptist Church, United Kingdom

“Amy Oden knows the history of Christian spirituality as well as anyone, and she helps us see what might seem surprising to many—that mindfulness has deep roots in the
Christian tradition. The wisdom she shares in this clear, winsome book has already deepened my own life of prayer. I know this book will bear fruit in classrooms and
congregations as readers heed its call to stop and pay prayerful attention to what God is doing, right here, right now.”
—L. Roger Owens, Associate Professor of Christian Spirituality and Ministry, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh, PA

“Oden deftly lifts up a clear template for what lies at the core of all spiritual practice: mindfulness—a simple awareness within ordinary life of divine presence, here and now. Unlike many generic practices of mindfulness now popular in business, education, and the fitness industry, Oden underscores that Christian mindfulness is not an end in itself but an awareness that turns us toward God. Amy’s words become a litany of invitation into the posture of open-hearted presence to the Presence, right here, right now.” (from the foreword)
—Marjorie J. Thompson, author of Soul Feast: An Invitation to the Christian Spiritual Life, former Director of Pathways in Congregational Spirituality with Upper Room Ministries, and an ordained minister in the Presbyterian church (USA)